3.0 T MRI


  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Year of Manufacture: 2007
  • Model: PHILIPS Achieva X-Series 3.0T MRI Scanner
  • Condition: Very good like new
  • Date updated: October 22, 2014
  • In Stock: Yes


Equipment Summary


PHILIPS Achieva X-Series 3.0T MRI Scanner

2007 Philips Achieva 3T MRI 
Philips 3T Achieva (16 channel system) 60cm bore 
Software 2013 release 
FOV 50x50x45 
Slew rate 200 T/m/s 
Maximum amplitude-Currently up to 80mT/m (dual quasar switch b/w 40 & 80) 
Sense head coil 8channel 
15 element spinal array 
16 channel NV coil 
Sense 7 channel breast coil 
8 channel knee coil 
8 channel sense foot/ankle coil 
4 channel shoulder coil (2 cup sizes) 
8 channel sense wrist coil 
Sense flex M coil 
Sense flex S coil 
XLT coil. 
Cardiac coil (6channel) 
2x adaptors for use on cardiac/shoulder/ flex coils 
Trolley frame and detachable table top 
VCG/PPU and Bellows 

Smart examination for Brain/knee 
Software 2013 release 

Gradient amps master and slave 
Liquid cooling cabinet 
RF amplifier 
High order shim cabinet

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You are invited to RSNA

You are invited to RSNA

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